June 18, 2024

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Atlanta Woodruff Arts Center

“Stutzmann is giving the orchestra the shot in the arm it needs to reach new dynamic heights. This is a new orchestra, one imbued with a youthful vigor it hasn’t had in years. What was a fitting close for this season was also a promise of even greater things to come.”

May 17-26, 2024

Teatro Regio, Torino / Wagner's Der fliegende Holländer

“The Impetuous Wagner Holländer of Nathalie Stutzmann
Undoubtedly, she is the star of the show (…). Her conducting was impetuous, passionate, and flawless. Total harmony pervaded the hall, a perfect fusion of voices and orchestra guiding the spectators to a peaceful place of the soul.”
La Stampa

March 1, 2024

The Philadelphia Orchestra, Philadelphia Kimmel Center

“A Beethoven buffet from Nathalie Stutzmann and The Philadelphia Orchestra
As she has done so often throughout her time as Philadelphia’s second-in-command, she offered a shot in the arm to the most recognizable music, balancing an artist’s attention to detail with a showman’s sense of big-picture grandeur. (…)
In Stutzmann’s hands, you never wanted it to end.”

February 12, 2024

London Symphony Orchestra, London Barbican Center

“Nathalie Stutzmann underlined [Bruckner’s] Ninth’s many points of correlation with the previous eight numbered symphonies, as a fitting albeit incomplete culmination to his life’s work. The performance confirmed her intuitive gifts as a Brucknerian, three days after she and the London Symphony Orchestra had given a no less illuminating and unselfconsciously distinctive account of the Seventh.”

“The London Symphony Orchestra under Nathalie Stutzmann give an exemplary performance of Bruckner’s last symphony. (…)
On Sunday evening, the LSO under Nathalie Stutzmann – along with London Symphony Chorus and soloists Lucy Crowe, Anna Stéphany, Robin Tritschler and Alexander Tsymbalyuk – not only made the attempt, but planted a flag on the summit. (…) Stutzmann and the LSO demonstrated a consummate understanding of all this in their account, presenting the whirl of the composer’s thematic utterances with clarity, verve, and a relentless attention to the dynamic, speed and timbre that marks each one out.”

January 22, 2024

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Woodruff Arts Center

“When all the elements of [Bruckner’s] Symphony No. 9 are balanced and in place, the experience is nothing less than transcendental. (…) This was Stutzmann at her best, taking apart a familiar piece of music and carefully reassembling the bits into a fresh new whole.”