May 27, 2022

San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Davies Symphony Hall

“A dazzling debut with the San Francisco Symphony
(…) the French artist infused everything she touched with a thrilling combination of emotional intimacy and dramatic power. (…) Melodies emerged in a gently sinuous ripple; rhythms landed with crisp but easy precision. Everything was shaped with an eye to both large-scale formal dimensions and the most intimately drawn detail. It was a splendid display of artistry (…) leaving the audience with a sense of eager anticipation for her quick return.”
San Francisco Chronicle

January 27, 2022

London Symphony Orchestra, London Barbican Centre

“Stutzmann’s conducting is fascinating. As a singer she thinks in long musical phrases and of controlling the breath accordingly and this is replicated in her conducting style – her left hand is extraordinarily expressive in its indications of dynamic precision and minute changes of pace. The Ravel was full of airy textures and all the Baroque and Classical allusions were deftly coloured in by the players.
The same was true of the Tchaikovsky, taken at a brisk lick throughout, with a refreshing lack of over-romanticisation and great subtlety at times. Stunning playing by all the principals. It felt like viewing a beloved painting after a very thorough and precise renovation process – familiar and yet with colours seemingly intensified – and therein lay the emotion.”
Classical Source